Baby Khue Needs Your Help

The parents of Baby Khue, who is just 20 months old, looked helpless and lost, waiting for the nurses to insert a catheter into the little baby’s veins so that the lethal, but life -saving chemotherapy drugs could be administered. Baby Khue is suffering from a rare cancer called Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis (LCH) It is a type of cancer that can damage tissues or cause lesions to form in one or more places in the body.
When baby Khue was 4 months old, she often suffered from what the new parents taught as normal red, flaky skin on her head (cradle cap). From 6 months onwards, she would have ear infections almost monthly. The small clinic in Vietnam did not think the infections were serious, and just prescribed regular antibiotics. At 14 months old, the ear infections were getting more frequent and painful. After various tests at a hospital, she was diagnosed with LCH. What they thought were normal cradle cap and ear infections were early markers of the cancer. The infections were actually swelling on the bones around the ear. Because the cancer was so rare, her parents had to seek treatments in Singapore as the hospital in Vietnam could not handle its complexity.
In March this year, with their entire life’s savings, they travelled to Singapore and was admitted to NUH to undergo chemotherapy for a month. But, they ran out of funds and to save cost, went home to Vietnam with chemo medication. Unfortunately, Baby Khue’s condition wasn’t improving, and left with no choice, they travelled to Singapore again towards the end of May seeking further treatments. This time, the cancer has travelled to the spleen and liver, making both organs and the abdomen swollen and Baby Khue unable to breathe. In addition, her platelets and red blood count cell is so low that she is now in the intensive care unit of NUH.
Baby Khue needs to undergo at least 4 more cycles of chemotherapy to stem the cancer from spreading further. This time, all the chemo sessions have to be carried out in Singapore to give Baby Khue a higher survival chance. The estimated costs of all the sessions are around 200k as Baby Khue is a foreigner.
Mr and Mrs Vinh, the parents of Baby Khue, simply cannot afford the cost on their low-income salary. Mr Vinh is the only breadwinner, as Mrs Vinh has to take care of her sick child. They are looking hopeless and lost, especially in a foreign country where language is a barrier and with no relations. But, they must try and save their first and only daughter. They humbly ask for your help, kindness and generosity to see that their baby is given the chance to survive her cancer.