lets help hungers around the world

**FACT: hundreds of million of people lives their life at just $1.90 **.

The world and all the developed country will need to support those country where people suffer to find second meal and sleep hungered.
Now the world is more advanced with modern technology and science but as a mankind we still need to be more kind and social to do atleast something so we can keep away poverty and hunger .

Blockchain technology has getting more dense in the society and we are on right track to adopt this technology in full pace but we need to think that how this technology can help poor and hungry people.

My purpose is to provide atleast some help to all those needy people by funding with cryptos and inspire others so atleast we can fill some gap to rid of this problem.

please support this initiative by upvoting and i will definitely send this even small fund to them and will share here the fund sending receipt.

please go to following link if you want to help them directly by donating..